Thank You and Shameless Plugs

Up to this point I have been trying to give you some idea of what to expect with a total knee replacement. Yep it’s going to hurt to get back, yep it’s going to be some work to get back and yep in the end if you do everything that’s asked of you it will surely be the best choice you could make when dealing with worn-out, arthritic knees. Trust me, it’s worth it. Now I would be doing a great injustice if I did not stop at this point and acknowledge and say thank you to the numerous people and organizations that got me to this point. Everyone who is mentioned is mentioned because I had some involvement with them along the way. At no point am I recommending anyone or any place, as much as I might like to, I really do not want to offend anyone or get in any trouble. That said…

First and foremost I must give my deepest thanks to all the folks at Rothman Institute, certainly without them none of this would have happened. Through both knee replacements they have always given me the best of care and always been a pleasure to visit and work with. Now I really do not know if this is proper but I am going to do it anyway. My favorite person at Rothman Institute has to be Dr. Eric Smith. To say the man has the hands of a surgeon is a definite understatement. He in fact is a surgeon and in both cases he has been my surgeon and in my humble opinion he’s the best. From the beginning he put me at ease; he has always take the time to address any concerns I have had and left me feeling really good.

I had both my surgeries done at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, PA. Paired up with Rothman they are the best care you can get, at least I think so. Both times I had private rooms, fabulous nurses, great care, good food and plenty of it, even the bed was comfortable, although sleeping in the chair the second time was actually better. If I needed something and they could help, then they did. I was comfortable, never worried and never in the dark about my care. So from the bottom of my heart to all the folks at Riddle and Rothman any who were involved in either replacement you have my deepest and most sincerest thanks.

That brings me to at home therapy and rehab. The at-home thing I will save for last for an obvious reason. I had my rehab done at two different places; for my right leg I used Advanced Physical and Aquatic Therapy in Springfield, PA. For my left leg I went to ATI Physical Therapy, also in Springfield,PA. I have nothing but the highest regard for both, I was always treated well at both places and in both cases they helped me and did not let me take an easy way out and for that I will always be grateful.

Now I saved two special thank yous for the end. One for Lisa my home health therapist for both knees. If ever there was someone who was sent directly from heaven to help me it was her. This fabulous caring women was so good and so kind and put up with so much of my crap, thank you will never be enough but I am afraid its all I have. But I know without her help I would not be at the point I am now.

And last but by no means least I have to thank my family who has and is putting up with all of the grief and complaining that I bring with both these replacements. Having a loving and caring wife to help you get through some of the early rough spots and some one who will help you bend that leg no matter how much she knows it hurts and hurts her doing it makes it all possible…Thank you dear…

OK so that takes care of that and if I missed any one it was not intentional and as I said earlier not of this is in any way any kind of endorsement, theses are just all the people who helped me, and each and everyone of them can always say they helped me make it to Key West and back.

Now on the cycling front, with my next post I will start telling you more about what I went through that was more cycling specific. However I do want everyone to know that on this past Memorial Day I did 50 miles, or a Half Century if you prefer. I feel all things considered that’s not half bad…Until next time,be safe…..Randy