The Road Begins Here

So now we reach that point when everything is pretty much up to you. Assuming everything went well in the hospital and with the surgery itself then you are happily going through rehab. Somewhere around week three or four you will finally get to sit on a bike. Even if it’s only the rehab exercise bike it’s still a bike. Now you know what you have to do next is going to hurt. But as it was told to me “ you have to get past this point in order to go forward”. This is why you have gone through all this so that you can get on with your life. So as I said now it’s up to you. If you do what your therapist tells you then you will know it’s time just don’t try to do more than what he or she tells you. That’s important also. So sit on the bike, and put the saddle up as high as you can so you can still touch the pedals and you will not have to bend the knee too much in the beginning. Start out just rocking the pedal back and forth. You will know when to stop and change directions, but sooner or later you will have reach that point when you take a deep breath and make your first full revolution around. Oh and did I mention that it will hurt. Well it will, but you have just started down the final road to recovery. Just take little bits at a time and eventually you will be able to turn the pedals easier in each session. Every time take a few minutes to start out just rocking the pedals back and forth and then finally go for it. It will get easier every time. Now as I said, do what you are told to do, don’t be an idiot and go home and climb on your trainer and be the tough guy who pedals each day for a little while, as my Doctor wisely said let pain and swelling be your guide. In other words if you are in pain and the leg is swelling for gods sake stop and ice it. What I learned after being an idiot was that the extra work was simply a way to take my progress backwards. Progress is measured by how many degrees you can bend the knee from week to week. Suddenly I was losing ground. It will come in time, just do what you are told. After a few weeks on the exercise bike then you will finally be able to start on the trainer. Eventually you will be able to pedal for five minutes,  then ten, then fifteen and eventually a full half hour. Eventually you will even start to measure progress in miles… And now the adventure really begins.

So I have been asked a couple times about where this adventure is going to take me and why. I’ll try to explain. It’s going to take me to Key West Florida. That seems pretty simple. Why, well because there isn’t a road to Cuba of course and I don’t speak Spanish so going there would just be stupid. But if you are looking for a better explanation then here goes. I had made a comment to my wife that when everything was over I was going to take my van and just drive south for three days and see where I ended up. Her reply was well then why not drive to Key West. Then she suggested, why not take your bike there. Foolish me I thought she meant take the bike in the van, no she meant ride the bike. My first reply was because it’s really far away. But the more I thought about it, I kept asking myself ,why not? So it’s Key West because that’s where the road runs out. The answer to why is quite simply why not. After I turned 50 I found a lot of things started to change, both mentally and physically and I just accepted them as things that happen as you get older. But you know what, you don’t have to accept changes just because they are. As you get older you don’t have to put on weight, you don’t have to just accept aches and pains and you don’t have to pass up adventures just because people say you are too old. I will be 60 years old when I make this trip and I am going to make this trip just because now that I have two good knees I can….Be safe….Randy