One Step Forward Can be Two Steps Back

So now you are feeling pretty good about things. All hope is not lost, yes you will be able to ride a bike again. At this point every time you go to therapy the first ten minutes are spent warming up on the exercise bike. So if we can do this then how far away can spending time on you favorite road or mountain bike be. Yep, that’s pretty much what I was thinking at that time also. So the only thing to do was saddle up onto my trainer and start logging miles. I am not sure what the difference is, whether it’s the angle of the seat post or just the height of the seat but I can tell you this much, that exercise bike is not the trainer. The seat is definitely smaller and harder, but these are things that you can live with. Once you get on the trainer, start by slowly pushing the pedals backwards a few times. I don’t know why but I know it makes the whole thing easier. When you finally feel you are ready push the pedals the normal direction.

Now it’s at this point I am reminded of the advice given to me by my Orthopedist, “let pain and swelling be your guide”. So if it hurts a lot or swells up a lot then maybe you should consider stopping for now. Do not tell youself you just have to play through the pain and tough it out and it will get easier. Because I am here to tell you that’s not necessarily so. Trust me when I tell you this because as with everything I have been telling you, I am speaking from experience. If it hurts so much that you scream every time you turn the pedal then just stop. It’s not time yet. I realize I am repeating myself at this point but it’s because this is really that important. As this week’s title said, one step forward, two steps back. While I thought I was doing a good thing by putting the extra time on the trainer, the extra swelling and the damage that is being done by forcing the pedals around only caused my recovery to slow down that much more. Rehab therapy is just like training, it requires recovery time. If you go at it too much and too hard then you go backwards. The point is, if it hurts a lot when you do it and swells up a lot when you do it then stop doing it. I finally got off the trainer and waited and things went a lot better the second time around.

Recently I have run into a couple people who are going down similar roads as I did. In both cases they were convinced that cycling was over. Well all I can tell you is this, the daily 25 mile ride is now routine and I was able to do a half century a few weeks ago. There was supposed to be another half century last week but well you know if enough things go wrong then some times it’s better to just walk away with what damaged pride you have. But anyway the miles are coming a lot easier now. Every daily ride starts out with a few minutes on the trainer to get things loose, but after that it’s time to rock and roll. By the time this summer ends I am confident things will be back to the point long before this adventure began…Be safe…Randy