Reality, Key West and Things That Go Bump in the Night


So up to this point hopefully all is going well, you have been doing the exercises from rehab and all is progressing properly. If not definitely call your doctor and find out what to do. So for a change rather than tell you what I had done in the past, I wanted to tell you hopefully where you can be. After putting time in on the trainer, the day comes when it’s time to go back out into the real world. After all the indoor time finally getting out is a good thing.

So, seven months ago I could hardly walk; this morning I rode 50 miles for the second time since my surgery. During the week I try to average 25 miles daily. Sometimes the weather or personal commitments can cause me to only get 12 miles but generally that’s the minimum I do. I have a course around and through my town that is 11.75 miles a lap, so for the time being I ride laps. Don’t forget when you start out after being on the trainer or exercise bike that the muscles you use in the outside world are still very weak but they will come back with time, and if you work at it, in a lot less time than you may expect. It will take time and just remember “baby steps”; don’t go out and try to ride 25 miles the first day back. Be happy to ride 1 mile in the beginning. Then in time the 25 will come and that will turn into 50 and 50 turns into 100 and the 100 turns into Key West, Florida.

So while we are on the subject of Key West, which as you may or may not have read is the ultimate destination for this entire adventure. In a nut shell here’s the game plan. This summer of 2015 is about getting my leg back in shape. Personally I feel like that’s working out pretty good. I no longer have swelling or pain after a work out. At least not pain that is related to the knee replacement. Yes there are muscle aches but it is in both legs and because I keep increasing my workout miles and the amount of hills I ride. By the end of this season I hope to have more 50 mile rides closer together and possibly end the season with at least one century ride (100 miles).

From Philadelphia, PA To Key West, FL is 1891 miles one-way give or take a mile. I plan to average 100 miles a day which puts the actual riding at 19 days. Add into that at least 1 day off after every 5 and the total one-way becomes 24 days travel time. So in order to prepare for this part that means the next two seasons, 201 and 2017 will be about increasing miles. This seasons’ 25 mile workouts will be replaced with 50 mile workouts and there will be more 100 mile trips. The other issue is putting the trips back to back so that eventually I will be able to do several 100 mile days back to back to back. Eventually the plan becomes ride, eat, sleep repeat.

The route for the trip is what the Adventure Cycling Association calls the Atlantic Coast Route portion of U.S. Bicycle Route System. The route incorporates many state and local highways and is a little further inland than the interstate in many cases. Surprisingly enough, the trip has been already made by many people, quite a few of whom are in my age group, which will be 60 when I finally leave. So for now be safe and I’ll keep you posted on my progress…….Randy 

Oh and the “things that go bump in the night” part well I really just liked the sound of that in the title.