Updates and Where I am Heading

Well sorry for my extended absence since my last post, seems that sometimes the so called real world has to take precedence over the world of the blog. While everything is doing fine here it just seems like there is always something else that has to be done and next thing I know the day is over. The workouts don’t stop; if you really want to get it done then you will find the time. It may not always be the best time, but the workout will get done. It’s the only way to keep going forward and the only direction to go is forward.

So first things first, let’s take a look at how far this has come. In October of 2012, my left knee was replaced; today that knee has 8344 road miles on it. I really cannot complain about that. In January of 2016 my right knee will be celebrating its first birthday. It has 2491 miles on it. So looking at things from where I am, which would be above both knees, it’s pretty safe to say the knee replacements were successful. Very successful, in fact. That being said then this would bring the first stage of the project called “The Road to Key West” to an end. The first objective was get the knees back, well they are very much back. I cannot thank all the people involved enough for all the help that was given me to get to this point.

Now where do we go from here, well on to Florida of course. In theory the winter season is here now, even though I was out yesterday and it was 71 degrees. Eventually it’s going to get cold. So for the winter it’s indoor trainer sessions three days a week at least, and two days a week of weight training. I have a series of different training rides from Carmichael Training Systems to keep my legs strong and help improve my strength overall through the winter. They have served me well for the past few years so I know I will come out of the winter stronger than going in. But no matter what winter is a long, long time.

Come spring I start working on being able to do more miles. The game plan for Florida is 100 miles a day for 5 days a week. So with spring it’s time to start seriously start working on building up endurance miles: longer training days and more 50 and ultimately more 100 mile trips. I plan to ride the Course for the Philadelphia Bike Race in June for the civilian part of the race, more so to finally climb the Manayunk wall than anything else. I have hills here at home that I train on including one that is longer and steeper than the wall so I hope to be successful. Correct that – I will be successful. I plan on a week completely off between Christmas and New Year’s both to benefit my head and my body. Never forget rest is as important as working out. So at this point I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank God for the things I was allowed to accomplish this year and ask for help in what’s coming in the future. I will return in January and hope to get back to being a little more regular. Next month I’ll tell you about the bikes I ride and all the reasons I’m told I shouldn’t. Until then play nice and be careful….Randy…